Udinese Midfielder Rodrigo De Paul: “Inter Coach Antonio Conte Is A Top Three Coach In The World”

Udinese Midfielder Rodrigo De Paul: “Inter Coach Antonio Conte Is A Top Three Coach In The World”
December 7, 2019 13:40
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Udinese star and Inter target Rodrigo De Paul discussed the Nerazzurri and their squad in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Rome based newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

First, the Argentine midfielder touched on his preferred role.

“In a two or a three, strictly a mezzala. With Argentina it works with two, with Paredes next to me. With Udinese it’s a three, but that’s details. Whoever signs me knows what kind of guy I am and the availability I offer.”

He also confirmed that he wasn’t a trequartista.


De Paul didn’t even consider his main role on the wing, a role he has played in the past with Udinese.

“A mezzala. All the other roles are possible, you can try, but I only see myself in one position.”

He understood that Inter coach Antonio Conte was looking for a mezzala.

“We’re already there, eh?”

The player elaborated a bit on Conte.

“I gave you the premise. Gratitude, Udinese gave me an Italian dream and made me responsible with a shirt that means a lot. Having said that, you’re talking about a coach, Conte, who for me is among the top three in the world.”

He also explained who the other top coaches were.

“Guardiola and Sarri, but don’t ask me for the order, I wouldn’t do it.”

He was unaware of any previous attempts by Inter to sign him, especially in last January’s transfer window.

“This I don’t know. A lot has been said about me, Napoli, Fiorentina, Milan, Inter. Last January perhaps there were in-depth discussions, then evidently several things changed.”

De Paul reiterated that he was unaware of any potential move to the Nerazzurri.

“I repeat, I don’t know. If you ask me about Conte, I can tell you that he put a crazy and lightning-fast imprint on Inter, he’s evil, he makes you responsible as if he’s known you for years. One of the top three in the world, precisely. And what Lautaro tells me is enough…”

The 25-year-old revealed what Lautaro Martinez has told him.

“He’s happy, he’s good at Inter, he feels like he is at the centre of the Nerazzurri world, he’s found a coach who has given him total confidence. And you can see it.”

He wasn’t concerned about Lautaro’s release clause.

“The clause doesn’t make sense when a player is getting full space in the club where he is. They’ll come to an understanding, but that’s not my problem. Lautaro I remember when he was at Racing and was about to explode. He was in the youth squad, you could see it…”

De Paul explained how it was clear that Lautaro would be a great player, even at Racing.

“Sure, the shots, the talent. It was clear that it was going to take off.”

The Udinese midfielder felt that the title race between Inter and Juventus would last all season.

“I am convinced, it will be point to point, no longer a distance between first and second like what’s happened in recent years.”

The player touched on his relationship with Diego Milito and his feelings about the San Siro.

“Clearly, I won’t tell you what me and Diego say to each other, I’m used to his advice. We played together for a few months, an honour, before he retired. So, the relationship remained. Exactly, as you should know, that the deputy coach of my national team is Walter Samuel, the wall. And Meazza, after Dacia Arena, is a stadium that gives me great emotions. I’ve read that they’d like to knock it down to build a new one, but how can that be?”

De Paul elaborated on his memories of playing in the San Siro.

“Sweet for the penalty goal in the famous 3-1 Udinese win in 2017, surprising defeat in the Spalletti era. Salty because in the first leg match of three months ago, I had a nonsensical moment with Candreva. I was sent off and my team paid a high price. Nonsense, I repeat. Certain things you need to improve on.”

Finally, De Paul refused to put a price tag on himself.

“If I’m worth all that money, you journalists say it. And it doesn’t seem to me to be a fundamental issue.”

Apollo Heyes
By Apollo Heyes

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