Former Juventus talisman Alessandro Del Piero discussed the title race and the Nerazzurri in an interview with Italian media outlet ESPN FC yesterday.

“This year only Inter can remain at the same level as Juventus in the title race. Lazio can beat Juventus in a single match, but the Bianconeri’s main goal in the Champions League, we’ve been looking for this trophy for a long time. Obviously, there is also the league, but the team is formed by 22 great players and even if two or three injuries appear Juve can easily make changes without a drop in quality.”

Del Piero then spoke about Lazio further, who are currently third in the league table, close behind Juventus and Inter.

“Lazio are doing a great job, not only in this season but for several years, but I don’t think they can compete until the end, unless they can create a special atmosphere within the team that gives the players extra energy. If we’re talking about the quality of the players, in a single match the Biancocelesti can beat anyone. But in an entire league and in ten months there are injuries and market moves that can cause problems within the club. Lazio are in great form, but I don’t think that’s enough to win the Scudetto.”