Inter Women Captain Regina Baresi: “Wearing The Inter Shirt Is A Way Of Life”

Inter Women Captain Regina Baresi: “Wearing The Inter Shirt Is A Way Of Life”
February 9, 2020 17:00
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Inter women captain Regina Baresi, daughter of Inter legend Beppe Baresi and niece of AC Milan hero Franco Baresi, discussed her career and the Milanese derby in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Corriere della Sera.

First, Baresi touched on her first football related memories.

“The photos on the shelves of the house and San Siro, since dad retired, he has always taken me to the stadium. The first time I was very young, I must have been 5 years old…”

The 28-year-old Italian then touched on the most memorable moment to her.

“Ronaldo’s arrival in 1997, the moment when I decided I was going to be a footballer, wearing the number 9 jersey like him.”

She couldn’t pick a favourite derby game.

“No one in particular, I’ve seen so many…”

Baresi spoke about how the Baresi family feel the night before the Milanese derby.

“My dad and uncle spoke to each other on the phone, maybe the jokes ran out, but they were two great professionals, so nobody teases each other.”

The 28-year-old then touched on the importance of having a Milanese derby in women’s football now as well, thanks to Inter’s promotion.

“It was crucial. Men or women, the derby is a game that always makes people talk, if only for the sake of taking sides.”

She didn’t think the women’s derby was ready to take place in the San Siro yet.

“We are used to small fields and, at most, provincial stadiums. It doesn’t have to be San Siro, it can also be a new stadium as long as there is a suitable setting, a serious atmosphere and lots of people to see us. Today we do not have such a large following, the San Siro would almost be… wasted.”

Baresi discussed the Inter women’s position in the league table after the halfway point of the season.

“It’s a transitional season. The team is young, there’s a new coach. We’re all settling in, then we’ll try to lay the foundations to grow as a group and become one of the top teams.”

The 28-year-old spoke about her 14 years with Inter so far in her career.

“Ah, I’m not leaving. I really don’t see myself playing with any other shirt. I’ve even gone down to Serie B with Inter. This shirt is a lifestyle choice.”

Finally, Baresi refused to speak about tonight’s Milanese derby.

“No! Pure superstition.”

By Apollo Heyes


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