Inter Legend Luis Suarez: “If Inter Beat Lazio It Would Send Out A Very Strong Message”

Inter Legend Luis Suarez: “If Inter Beat Lazio It Would Send Out A Very Strong Message”
February 12, 2020 00:30
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In an interview with, Inter legend Luis Suarez has praised Inter for managing to come from behind in the Milan derby on Sunday.

“It is very good to have won the Milan derby. Coming from behind and winning like Inter did is not easy to do in a derby. These games give you a lot of confidence, an even stronger bond is established, which is very important to achieve certain goals.”

He then shared what he thinks Inter manager Antonio Conte is likely to have told the players during the half time interval that made them come out and perform as they did in the second half.

“I think Conte told the players to take more risks, because when you are two goals down there is not much more to lose. Thus, Inter almost immediately scored a goal and found greater strength to try to recover.”

He was then asked if he thinks that what Inter done can motivate them and push them toward possibly winning the Serie A title come the end of this season.

“There is no doubt about it. These games give you confidence and the feeling that you are ready and that you can get any result against any opponent. Now the ideal thing would be for Inter to win on Sunday against Lazio, a very insidious match. At this point Inter will face it without fear and will not fear that Juventus may run away in the league table.”

Next the Spaniard, who was part of Helenio Herrera’s Grande Inter side of the 1960s, spoke on Sunday’s match against Lazio and what it means for Inter.

“It certainly will be decisive. Beyond the three points, in the event they win, Inter would send out a very strong message. It would give them additional security too and that never hurts.”

Suarez was then asked if he would accept finishing second if it meant winning both the Coppa Italia and Europa League.

“We must try to win the title, which hasn’t been won in many years. At this moment, Inter need to win the Scudetto more given that Juventus have taken it home for many years now. As for the other two competitions, we will see what happens with them.”

He then spoke on Inter’s January transfer window recruit Christian Eriksen and believes there are some similarities between himself and the Danish international.

“I had similar characteristics to him but everyone is different from one another. What is certain is that he is a really nice player. Inter needed players like that, capable of imposing themselves with authority in a certain type of game.┬áHe can do it and can give the Nerazzurri a big hand.”

In conclusion he shared some thoughts on Conte and his Juventus past as well as some comparisons that have been made between Conte and Herrera.

“It doesn’t matter that he came from Juventus, in football you have to forget these things. Now we have to stay by his side, because he is doing really beautiful things.

“As for the comparison with Herrera, it seems to me that they are very similar especially in the way they speak, the determination they have and their attention┬áto detail.

“Of course, the most important thing is that they resemble each other in the results. Conte is working very well, let him work calmly.”

By Cammy Anderson


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