Italian journalist Paolo Condò discussed the chaos created by the decision to postpone five Serie A games in an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky Sports Italia today.

“Paolo Dal Pino made a decision, wrong but he made it. We’re in a situation where it’s difficult to find unanimity. But if I had to go back, I’d play Inter v Sampdoria behind closed doors to set the precedent so these matches could have been played too.”

Condò spoke more specifically about Inter’s Derby d’Italia against Juventus, that was postponed from today until the 13th May.

“It’s obvious the clubs have been spoken to, and it’s right that Juve believe it’s their right to play in front of their fans in the same way that it’s right that Inter cannot be restricted to playing in that crazy May. Then, if you miss a game day, that day slips because it’s right to keep the consensus decided in August. Juve v Inter can’t be the final game if they both are fighting for the Scudetto at that moment, it’s right to play before the last game and after the next game.”

The Italian journalist touched on Inter’s Europa League clash against Ludogorets and how the Derby d’Italia was scheduled for the same time as Spain’s El Clasico.

“I would have played these games behind closed doors. Then came the idea that the Juve v Inter match was scheduled at the same time as El Clasico. For a product that the League wants to sell internationally it would have been a blow. This is an argument, since Dal Pino aims to increase profits from abroad in the next three years.”

Finally, Condò spoke about the idea that the game could have been played tomorrow and how an 18-team league would be better for the calendar.

“About the proposal to play on Monday, I’m waiting for Beppe Marotta’s reply. But let’s remember the decree that only opens the Juve v Milan game to the fans from Piedmont. I hope that when everything is resolved, the Serie A president will be back to thinking about an 18-team league, to be started earlier and with a compressed Christmas break. The problem is occurring because no precautions have been taken. We’ve come to the point where we’ve got the Italian teams giving up on the European Cups, and I refuse to see this anymore.”

Five Serie A games have been postponed, with many confused about the League’s decision, considering that earlier this week they communicated that the games would be played behind closed doors. Inter are furious at the postponement, especially considering how they are now eight points behind league leaders Lazio, who haven’t had any of their games postponed so far.