Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has went so far as to suggest Italy’s future is currently in his and Italian citizens’ hands amid the ongoing and ever growing concern relating to Coronavirus.

The virus has spread rapidly in Italy, mainly in the north of the country and Conte has confirmed that the current decree in place is set to be upgraded as the government try to contain and limit the spread of the virus of which there is approximately 10,000 confirmed cases in the country.

“I imagine how difficult it is to change all our habits, I am experiencing it myself. Unfortunately there is no time, the numbers tell us that we are having an excessive growth of infections and deaths,” he remarked in a press conference, as quoted by

“Our habits must be changed and must be changed now, we must all give up something for the good of Italy and for our loved ones.

“We will only succeed if we all cooperate and immediately adapt to these stricter rules. This is why I have decided, in agreement with the other members of the government, to take more stringent measures to protect the health of all citizens, which is our primary objective.

“If public health is jeopardised, we all have to make sacrifices, This is why I am about to sign a measure that we can summarise with the name ‘I am staying at home’.

“There will be no more red areas, there will be Italy as a whole as a protected area. To this provision we also add the ban on outdoor gatherings.

“We cannot afford more aggregation opportunities that become contagion opportunities. We must protect the health of the weakest, we cannot afford to let our guard down on this.

“We all have a great responsibility. I also think of all the doctors and nurses who are in the trenches. Today in taking these measures we must also think of them.

“The right decision today is to stay at home, Italy’s future is in our hands. Everyone must do their part and that is why these rules will apply throughout Italy today.”

Conte, who is the 58th prime minister of Italy and has held his role since the Summer of 2018, then went on to confirm that all sporting events, including Serie A football are suspended with immediate affect.

“At this point and in this context there is no reason why sporting events should continue and I include Italian football in this. All fans will have to take note of it.”

With all sporting events now suspended it remains to be seen what will happen with the remainder of the Serie A season and also what will happen to Italian clubs competing in European competition.