Alessandro Alciato: “It’s Almost Certain That EURO 2020 Will Be Postponed”

Alessandro Alciato: “It’s Almost Certain That EURO 2020 Will Be Postponed”
March 13, 2020 21:30
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Italian journalist Alessandro Alciato was present in the studios of Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia earlier on today to take stock of the current situation.

The Coronavirus outbreak, which has been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, has wreaked havoc on football and it remains to be seen what will happen with seasons with almost every league in Europe putting a halt to things during this emergency situation.

A lot of suggestions have been made about how seasons could potentially be finished from playing on until end of June to having playoffs to decide things whilst doubts remain over whether the seasons will even start back up again at all.

Alciato, who was the ghostwriter of legendary Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo’s “I think before I play” autobiography, has shared his belief that seasons will be allowed to carry on into the Summer and that the European Championship’s will be cancelled to allow it to happen.

“The end of the season will inevitably happen later on, the season will be expanded to allow for the domestic leagues and also the Champions League and Europa League to finish,” he said.

“The postponement of EURO 2020 is not official but it is almost certain. It will be necessary to wait and see the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.”

By Cammy Anderson


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