Everton Coach Carlo Ancelotti: “Those Who Are Complaining About Not Being Able To Train Make Me Laugh”

Everton Coach Carlo Ancelotti: “Those Who Are Complaining About Not Being Able To Train Make Me Laugh”
March 28, 2020 15:40
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Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti discussed the Coronavirus emergency and its effect on football in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Rome based newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

“We are all living a life to which we were not accustomed and which will change us deeply. I’m sure it will. We’re all going to have to get downsized, starting with football.”

The former AC Milan and Napoli coach then discussed how fighting the virus is a priority and teams shouldn’t worry about training.

“What matters now is to fight the virus effectively, I repeat. Then, of course, if we can continue the season, fine, otherwise ah well. It makes me laugh those who insist on talking about the preparation time, there are even those who talk about three weeks of training. It’s ridiculous. It’s a joke, the preparation is a false myth.”

Ancelotti then gave an anecdote from his time in charge of the Rossoneri during the Calciopoli scandal.

“I remember that in 2006, because of Calciopoli, AC Milan were initially out of the top four and then out of Europe. Suddenly, in order not to push Lazio back, part of our penalty was taken away and we were forced to do preliminaries for the Champions League. I had to phone the guys who were on holiday because four days later we had to face Red Star. Cafu returned from Brazil 24 hours earlier and played for 90 minutes. If you want, I can remind you how it ended in May. But I think you already know.”

He also revealed that the Milanese club were close to signing Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the summer of 2006, before the player agreed a move to rivals Inter.

“I also remember that in the summer of Calciopoli we were about to sign Ibrahimovic, all right. And when Galliani finally managed to convince Berlusconi, Zlatan had already agreed with Inter.”

Finally, Ancelotti discussed how some people have speculated that Liverpool’s Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid spread the virus as much as the game between Atalanta and Valencia in Milan. Both games were played with a busy stadium full of fans.

“I spoke to Klopp the other day, he told me that playing the game in those conditions was a criminal act, I think he was right.”

The Coronavirus emergency has caused most leagues around Europe to be postponed until further notice, with UEFA agreeing to postpone Euro 2020 until next summer to allow the leagues to finish on time.

By Apollo Heyes


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