Italian Players Association: “Players Know They Have A Part To Play”

Italian Players Association: “Players Know They Have A Part To Play”
March 31, 2020 10:30
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The Italian players association (AIC) have revealed what was discussed at their weekly meeting in a press release and have shared their desire to see the current season concluded.

Football across Italy, like all other forms of sporting activity, has been on hold for a number of weeks due to the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic and it remains a complete mystery as to when the season will resume, if at all.

“The moment is delicate and the recent comments by Minister Spadafora suggest close of business is still a few weeks away.

“With that in mind, and in light of the agreement between Juventus players and their club, the conclusion of the campaigns and timings were discussed.

“From Serie A to the non-leagues, the hope is, providing it’s safe to do so, to complete the season, even if it exceeds June 30.

“The conditions for resuming footballing activity must take place under conditions of thorough medical supervision and respecting all the indications that will be provided by doctors and FMSI.”

The AIC then confirmed that if the season is to end early then they will be right there and ready to support their members and are prepared to set up a fund to help out those who are not fortunate enough to be earning the big wages that some are earning in the top flight.

“In the unfortunate event of the season ending early, that scenario will certainly see us participate.

“That’s why footballers know they have a part to play. In this sense, it was highlighted that needs differed between the various categories, but everyone agreed on the objective of protecting the positions of the categories most in difficulty.

“The non-league world, women’s football and those with the lowest incomes in the professional leagues must be protected, also through the use of resources within the world of football and aid that may come from the general welfare system.

“The establishment of a welfare fund intended to support these precarious situations must involve all the parties involved.

“The players are already aware of this, but to date it’s not known which part the other parties will want and have to play.

“The FIGC, the leagues, the international organisations – what will their contribution be to this cause?

“It’ll be one of the topics in discussions, which have already been going on for a few weeks now, and this must be our primary objective, with everyone playing their part.”

The AIC were due to meet with Lega Serie A for talks on some of the above issues last night but they will instead do it later on today.

By Cammy Anderson


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