UEFA President Ceferin: “All The Remaining Matches From This Season Must Be Played By August 3rd”

UEFA President Ceferin: “All The Remaining Matches From This Season Must Be Played By August 3rd”
April 5, 2020 10:30
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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin discussed the August 3rd deadline that European leagues must be finished by in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF broadcasted yesterday.

“On August 3rd everything must be finished, both in the Champions League and Europa League. The situation is extraordinary. We can play on the same dates as the national leagues, at the same time, we must be flexible. If the crisis stops, we will start earlier.”

The 52-year-old Slovenian then discussed the current ideas that UEFA are considering.

“You can play with the current system or in a single match with the draw of the team playing at home, or on a neutral pitch. For now, it’s just a hypothesis to play the Final Eight or the Final Four.”

Ceferin then highlighted how UEFA need to carefully consider all the possibilities before making a final decision, considering the ongoing Coronavirus emergency.

“The only wrong decision would be to play in a way that endangers the health of players, fans, referees. But if the safety conditions are in place, I don’t see any problem.

“Sport brings energy, we need sport. People are nervous and anxious. Football is a serious sector, it is important for people, even if the superstars at the moment are the doctors and nurses.”

Finally, Ceferin spoke about the many plans of UEFA currently floating around and how they must wait for further indications before making a final decision.

“We have several plans to restart the Champions League and the Europa League in May, June, July or if we do not play again.

“If the authorities do not allow us to play, we will not be able to do so. We are dependent on national governments. In any case it is better behind closed doors and with television, football is what people want.”

European leagues like Serie A will need to be completed before August 3rd, before confirming to UEFA which teams are being entered into both European cups.

Some have criticised the organisation for allowing the last round of Champions League games, such as Liverpool’s home game against Atletico Madrid, to be played with fans present, rather than behind closed doors. UEFA have also agreed to postpone Euro 2020 to next summer.

By Apollo Heyes


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