Former Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero discussed the current Serie A season and Argentine forward Paulo Dybala’s goal against the Nerazzurri in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I don’t think we needed that goal to overcome a moment that I think Paulo had already put behind him. One thing is certain, numbers like that show he’s a player with extraordinary qualities. Such a beautiful goal should give him more awareness. And I’ll go further. Those who have his means, his talent and even his head, must do even more. Paulo must not set himself limits and must conquer the future.”

He then touched on how you must always work hard and not get complacent.

“Nobody gives you anything, I say that from experience. To Juve more than ever. You have to prove everything until the last game, let alone in the middle of your career. Dybala’s path has just begun and it will be even more beautiful, always wearing the Juve shirt of course.”

Del Piero doesn’t think that there are any favourites in the title race at this current point in the season.

“Absolutely not, no favourites. Juve are a bit ahead for absolute quality. But nothing is taken for granted.”

The former Bianconeri forward believed that it was better to finish the season instead of cancelling it.

“I can’t give a judgement, as I don’t think anyone can, because we have to analyse the facts and above all the health conditions. But sportively it’s better to finish the season, wait for the verdict on the pitch. Everything else is a thing to be avoided as long as it is possible.”

Del Piero discussed what the priorities should be for when the season restarts and the importance of playing again.

“The priority is always the health of everyone, so we need the highest level of safety. But the second priority must be to restart to deal with the other emergency, that of the economy, of jobs. I believe that all this must also be considered when we talk about the future of professional sport. I do not like the populist speeches of those who almost criminalise those who are trying to get us back on track. That’s why I say that when you get the okay from the doctors it will be right to go back to the game, at first of course behind closed doors.”

He then defended those who are working to restart the league and highlighted why their work is important.

“And so, what we can do today is to continue working, studying the formulas of the leagues, the calendars. This doesn’t just mean going back to a life that is at least more normal, but above all thinking about how to restart a movement that gives work to so many people. I believe that this does not mean absolutely no disrespect for the real priority, which is health. There is concern for the future in all fields, obviously also for football in general, not just for Serie A. I am also thinking of the lower leagues.”

The former Bianconeri star highlighted how this period can help improve Italian football as a whole.

“This is precisely the time to triple our strength, to start again and to really change. I don’t know what will happen, but I know you can’t hide anymore. You can only come out of it as a system, it’s impossible to think that only a part has to leave us something. I think I know what should no longer be part of our future, that is, the logic that looks only at the present, without entrepreneurial perspective, without vision.”

Finally, Del Piero spoke about how people must come together to help find a solution.

“Everyone today has to do their part, if it helps then also us ex-players, those who have something to say or propose for the good of our sport. Obviously because they deserve it, and not for past merits.”