Could Barcelona & Inter Swap Antoine Griezmann For Lautaro Martinez?

Could Barcelona & Inter Swap Antoine Griezmann For Lautaro Martinez?
April 16, 2020 19:15
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As is widely reported, Inter and Barcelona are considering a swap deal concerning French FIFA 2018 World Cup Winner Antoine Griezmann for Argentinian wonderkid Lautaro Martinez.

The 29-year-old player left Atletico Madrid in 2019 and signed for Barcelona. Even though he had a rocky start – given his only 14 goals and 4 assists in 37 matches -, he is still widely considered a world-class player and comes with a fitting price tag as well. It goes without saying that this deal, if concluded, would also affect all football betting sites as well.

So, let’s take a closer look at this proposed deal and the two players at the heart of the deal.

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann, is considered a world-class player, but didn’t have such a great first year after signing with Barcelona. As we mentioned above, to the dismay of Barcelona fans and tipsters alike, he’s managed to score only 14 goals in 37 appearances.

Given that Barcelona paid roughly €120 million to get Griezmann on the team, it is safe to say that both he and the club were rather disappointed with the performance.

However, Griezmann is only one part of this proposed surprising swap.

Lautaro Martinez

Compared to Griezmann, Lautaro Martinez is one of the key elements at Inter, managing to score 16 goals and notch up 4 assists in only 31 appearances. Overall, he comes with better stats than Griezmann so far this season.

On top of that, given that Martinez is only 22 years old, it’s clear why Barcelona would want him – and why he’d want to join Barcelona. Still, Martinez joining Barcelona will be decided by Inter only – as there’s a €111 million release clause in place in his contract with the Nerazzurri.

Why The Swap Seems Unlikely

Reportedly, just as when looking at football betting odds, the players’ wages are the main stumbling block that is holding this transfer back. To be more specific, Griezmann’s wages are very high and is making Inter have second thoughts – all the while Barcelona are more open to the deal when it comes to signing Martinez.

Still, such difficulties show what’s really valuable about the two. For example, it is widely believed in Barcelona that Martinez could be a perfect fit – and replacement for Luis Suarez – for Barcelona. On top of that, he and Messi may also work together and help each other grow even more.

The Uncertainty Of The Future

Naturally, in this moment, we have to take the coronavirus crisis into account as well. This crisis has made many clubs struggle with their finances and, as such, we may not see the swap materialize. Or we may see lower wages and transfer fees and have Martinez sign before the next season with Barcelona, although it seems very unlikely that Inter would accept this.

The Bottom Line

In the end, probably the biggest stumbling block in this deal is the €111 million release clause which Lautaro Martinez has in his contract with Inter. It is widely reported that the former Racing player is open to a move to Barcelona, but given that Inter demand the release clause be paid in full, the deal seems, for now, to be unlikely to be concluded.

On the other hand, Griezmann also seems like the right choice for Inter, and if coach Antonio Conte gives the green light and the Frenchman agrees to lower his wages, a cash plus player deal for Lautaro could end up materializing.

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