The FIGC and the Scientific Technical Committee of the Italian Government will meet tomorrow to discuss a possible resumption of training and the league, with many obstacles to overcome, according to a report from Italian broadcaster Sky Sports Italia earlier today.

The report details how individual training sessions would be safe to carry out with the right safety precautions, but group training and matches still pose an issue. The protocols that must be followed are very expensive both logistically and economically, making it difficult for Serie C clubs and amateur sides to follow them exactly.

There is also the need to find tests for the whole squad, in order to stop any new outbreaks. A new case of Coronavirus also poses a problem as currently it’s unclear what would happen should a player test positive after the start of group training.

The idea of playing the remaining games in areas of Italy less affected by Coronavirus is also being considered, the report continues. The Coppa Italia also poses a problem, as Inter still need to play Napoli in Naples, and 15 available dates would be needed, considering that the final also needs a date and both teams are still in European competition. Games may have to be played every three days from June 14th onwards.