Former Inter striker Robert Acquafresca discussed his career and move away from the Nerazzurri in an interview with Italian journalist Nicolò Schira on Instagram Live earlier today. His words were noted by Italian media outlet FcInterNews.

“After Toro’s failure, Milan, Juve and Inter, Samp and Palermo wanted me. I chose the Nerazzurri because they had the most important project for me. They took me and put me into co-ownership, Chievo and Treviso were in the running, I chose Treviso.”

He spoke about how he could have been in the Treble winning squad.

“That summer I was owned by the Nerazzurri, but I didn’t want to be treated like a postal package anymore. José Mourinho wanted me back in Milan and the team had expressed this intention, I was already looking for a house in the San Siro area. Piero Ausilio wanted me in the four forwards, I could have won the Treble.”

The 32-year-old Italian then touched on how he was forced to sign for Genoa in the summer of 2009, despite his wishes.

“At first, I was to go on loan to Genoa, but then Marco Branca wanted to sell me. He made me lose out and be sold to Genoa, while I wanted to stay in Cagliari at that point. Branca threatened to send me out of the squad if I didn’t accept Genoa… I could’ve been an asshole with Inter and put my foot down to stay. I turned 21 and I’d come from 25 goals in Serie A in two years.”

Acquafresca confirmed that the reason he left Inter was because of Marco Branca, not other executives at the club.

“They’d never put me out of the squad like they threatened. I chose to not to stay in heaven in spite of the saints. Mourinho made the joke that I had scored for him on the first leg and on the return, Ausilio wanted me and Moratti had good words to say about me. So, it was Branca who didn’t want me, I’ve thought about it many times, but it’s water under the bridge.”

The former Inter forward then spoke about a conversation that he had with Jose Mourinho.

“We met again at the Bernabeu. At the end of the first half we started chatting, it was great, we exchanged numbers. He really is number one from a human point of view and for his charisma.

“He makes you feel number one, he gives importance and respect to everyone equally. He treats you as if you were a friend, for him the person comes before the player.

“Whether your name is Ronaldo or Acquafresca, that’s his strength. It’s no coincidence that his players would give their lives for him.”

Finally, Acquafresca spoke about current Inter coach Antonio Conte and his qualities as a leader.

“The coach is really an incredible leader, then there was Ventrone. Their training is really tough. There were big problems in Bergamo that year and things didn’t go well for both of them, but you could already see what he was made of.”

Acquafresca has been a free agent since last summer, after his contract expired with Swiss side Sion, where he only made seven league appearances in two seasons. The 32-year-old shone most in Sardinia with Cagliari, where he spent two spells in loan. For the Rossoblu, Acquafresca scored 35 goals and provided five assists in 109 appearances.