Italian clubs are owed around €220 million in TV rights and if they are not paid the entire Serie A is risking a financial collapse, according to a report from today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The report details how this money is vital for many Italian clubs, especially after some club presidents have used loans from the bank to fund certain ventures with the hope of paying these loans back with the TV rights.

Sky, DAZN and IMG owe the clubs a total of €220 million but they may not be paid if the season isn’t completed, as these companies will also lose out on millions from advertisers.

Talks between all relevant parties are still ongoing, the report continues, and the next three seasons are also being discussed.

Sky have underlined that they are open to finding a constructive solution. On Friday last week there was moments of tension between the president of Lega Serie A Paolo Dal Pino and the Torino President Urbano Cairo, with many worried about the financial stability of their clubs and Italian football as a whole and, with Dal Pino considering resigning from his position.