Italy’s Ministry of the Interior, have send out a notice to all prefects and local councils and mayors that training for football clubs may resume tomorrow according to a report in Italian media outlet PassioneInter earlier today.

The report details how both athletes and non-athletes can take part in individual sports activity in both public and private areas, as long as they respect the social distancing protocols, and don’t take part in any form of assembly and stay at least two meters away from other individuals.

For Serie A clubs, this means that they can look to bring their squads back to the respective training centers. Inter can now restart individual training at Appiano Gentile, with the announcement detailing how the current measures will be in place from tomorrow to the 17th May.

Italian clubs are hoping that squad training can be restarted on the 18th May, which would allow the league to restart at the start of June, considering that it takes around three weeks for players to reach match fitness when training.