Inter’s Suning Training Centre in memory of Angelo Moratti is scheduled to re-open starting tomorrow according to a report in today’s print edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

As of today players are now able to train on an individual basis and make the most of their club’s facilities after almost two months stuck almost entirely inside due to the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic, the worst of which seems to have now passed in Italy.

Players are allowed to train in small groups of three to five whilst observing the social distancing rules that remain in place and they will be accompanied by staff, which have been stripped back to the bare necessities.

The Suning Training Centre in memory of Angelo Moratti will be sanitised each and every day to keep the risk of the virus spreading as low as possible.

The report goes on to conclude that all of Inter’s players will be available to train tomorrow, including Alexis Sanchez, whose obligatory quarantine period comes to an end tomorrow.