In today’s print edition, Corriere dello Sport have claimed to reveal what happened in Inter’s 3-2 loss to arch rivals Juventus which is infamously remembered as the match where referee Daniele Orsato missed a clear red card.

Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic, who was already on a booking, somehow avoided a red card after smashing Inter midfielder Rafinha with his forearm and in the past few days it has emerged that the VAR audio of the incident was missing and that it is the only incident from that season which does not have any audio which has led to many questions being raised.

As per the report from he Rome based newspaper, those in charge of VAR use ways to get around the rigid protocol in place to help the referee out on the pitch.

Since IFAB rules don’t allow VAR to be used to review yellow card offenses so a phrase they typically use to aid the referee is similar to ‘it’s not a red’ which is an indication to the referee that he has made a decision that cannot be reviewed by VAR.

In essence, those in charge of VAR told Orsato that the situation could not be reviewed by VAR and that he had to make a decision on his own.