Italian prime minister Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Conte has revealed he wants to give stakeholders in football and all other sports in the country the chance to confront the government.

Sports across the country have been on hold for around about two months now as a result of the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic, the worst of which seems to have passed in Italy.

Italy has now entered into phase two of the recovery process and athletes, including footballers, are now able to make the most of training facilities again on an individual basis.

It still remains to be seen however when teams will be able to all train together and if the seasons, all of which are currently on hold, will be able to resume and then finish.

“We will gather the sports world and football, together with minister of sport Spadafora, to take stock of the situation,” he explained in an interview with Italian newspaper Fatto Quotidiano, which appeared in today’s print edition.

“We will collect the requests from the Federcalcio and other federations to get a shared picture of the recovery of sports activities.”

Conte, who has served as prime minister since June 2018, went on to add: “I still haven’t dealt with football, but we will listen and agree.

“Minister Spadafora has done an excellent job, but it’s right to let all the stakeholders of football and sport confront the government at the highest levels, obviously bearing in mind the recommendations of the technical scientific committee.”