Italian government minister for sport and youth policies has admitted he hopes the green light for football to return can be given soon but admits it is impossible to say when football could return at the time being.

Football, as well as all sports in Italy, have been on hold for just shy of two months as a result of the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic, the worst of which appears to have passed in Italy, which has now entered into phase two of the recovery process.

Whilst athletes are now able to make the most of training facilities on an individual basis, it still remains to be seen when the season could resume.

“The FIGC has proposed a protocol, which the technical-scientific committee will evaluate tomorrow,” Spadafora explained during a session in parliament earlier on today.

“We hope the green light can be given, even if football’s a sport where there is no possibility of avoiding contact and the use of protective tools isn’t envisaged.

“In the last few days, even organised fans have condemned the idea of resuming the campaign,” he continued.

“I refer to Europe, where the only certain dates given have been from countries that have decided to stop their seasons. Even England, which seemed the readiest, postponed the decision to resume training only a week ago.”

He went on to insist that it is currently not possible for a date to be given and any date will depend entirely on the way the contagion curve goes in the coming weeks.

“I repeat my stance, which also applies to the government: we hope the season resumes soon, but right now it’s still impossible to give a date. We have to see how the contagion curve will develop in the next two weeks.”