Transfer values across Europe’s top 10 leagues have plummeted as a result of the Coronavirus crisis and Inter are among the top 20 clubs most impacted as a result according to KPMG Football Benchmark.

KPMG Football Benchmark’s analysis of the value of the 4183 players playing in Europe’s top 10 leagues shows that transfer values could drop by as much as €8.5 billion, which representatives a 26.5% drop compared to February, if the remainder of the seasons are cancelled.

In the event that the vast majority of these top 10 leagues resume play, the impact will be negated slightly but values will still drop regardless. In the event the leagues do resume, the value depreciation would instead be €5.6 billion.

Back in February Inter’s first team squad was valued at a combined total of €653 million. Should the season not resume the team’s value will decrease to €496 million. If the Serie A season resumes, Inter’s squad value will decrease to €556 million.

The report goes on to add that Inter striker Romelu Lukaku’s value could drop from €88 million to €75 million if the season is cancelled or €80 million if it resumes.