Milan City Council’s Urban Planning Councillor Piefrancesco Maran discussed Inter and AC Milan’s new stadium project live on Facebook yesterday. His words were noted by Italian media outlet

“We’re discussing things with the teams, they have not given any willingness to a re-functioning plan for the Meazza. They want to build a new stadium, but they have to stay at the San Siro because we have built all the infrastructure and because the Meazza will remain to be managed.”

Both Inter and AC Milan have been working together to try to find a viable new stadium project. Initial plans suggested that the existing San Siro may have to be demolished to make space for the new stadium, although this idea was quickly shot down by the Milan City Council.

Since then, discussions have been had regarding the future of the existing San Siro stadium, with one potential idea being to renovate the stadium and turn it into a public access sporting arena, giving the local population a modern place to exercise and practice multiple sports, not just football.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down talks, frustrating for the two Milanese clubs considering that talks have already been dragging on for months. The two possible final projects have been decided, and now the clubs must wait to discuss the projects further with the council.