Attilio Fontana, the governor of the Lombardy Region, discussed the restart of the Serie A season and how complex the situation is in an interview with Italian broadcaster Telenova yesterday evening.

“I’m a big football fan, but at this moment it seems to me extremely complicated that the season starts again. They have just started training again and have already found players infected. I think it would also be worth it for football to take a break and then start again later, maybe in August, to finish the season. When the conditions are right.”

Fontana wasn’t worried about the work of Italian minister of sport Vincenzo Spadafora and possible intervention of the Italian government.
“I am not the Minister of Sport. Vincenzo Spadafora is someone I respect, and I have an excellent relationship with him. I think he has made all the assessments of the case and if he has not yet made a decision it is because there are some elements that still need to be evaluated more carefully.”

Serie A clubs returned to their training centres earlier this week, after the government indicated that it was acceptable for the players to partake in individual training sessions. The Nerazzurri returned on Friday, with all the squad and necessary staff testing negative for Coronavirus. Coach Antonio Conte has still not undertaken a test and so has remained safely distant from the players and staff.

Some have suggested that squad training may restart on the 18th of May, allowing for a possible season restart in early June. It is still unclear what will be decided, but regardless teams are preparing.