Sassuolo CEO Giovanni Carnevali confirmed Inter’s intention to permanently sign Italian midfielder Stefano Sensi in an interview with Italian broadcaster Ceramicanda earlier today.

“Will the value of players drop? Perhaps, but not our players, we are an expensive squad. Sensi will be redeemed by Inter, there’s no doubt about it. We’ll talk about renewals.”

Carnevali then spoke about how damaging stopping Serie A has been for the clubs and more damaging it would be if the season was cancelled.

“The stop has cost Serie A clubs more than €200 million, at Sassuolo around €10-12 million in damages. The damages would rise to €800 million and several clubs would be taken to court. The Serie A teams would also drag down the Serie B teams, the youth teams, women’s football.

“The Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora seems to me to be living a moment of confusion, but in the government, I see the emergence of new awareness and the maximum willingness of the clubs to meet the required safety conditions.”

Serie A clubs returned to their training grounds earlier this week in order to restart individual training sessions. Squads will be divided into groups to undertake staggered training sessions.

All of the Inter squad and staff that were tested have tested negative for Coronavirus, a relief considering some teams have multiple players still testing positive for the contagion. Nerazzurri coach Antonio Conte has not yet taken a test, and so has only worked at Appiano Gentile a safe distance away from those who have tested negative. The clubs are hoping that the season will be restarted in the first weeks of June, allowing the season to finish before UEFA’s August 2nd deadline.