Milan city mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has revealed that he likes the look of the newly shared revised new stadium projects put forward by Inter and AC Milan.

Last week the two clubs published renderings of revised plans which saw parts of their current San Siro stadium incorporated for the first time after the Milan city council said they were reluctant to let all of San Siro be demolished as part of the new stadium project, which is expected to cost in excess of €1.2 billion.

The new plans from the Populous and Manica/Sportium groups have been receieved well online with fans around the globe debating over which project they prefer.

“I like the new proposals from Manica and Populous. My rigidity has always been only on two elements. The first, on the desire not to lose the Meazza. The second, on the desire to limit new buildings. The new project saves the old stadium, which will host many other minor sports and for the most part be free,” he is quoted as saying by Italian news outlet

Sala then went on to share that he hopes an agreement can be reached between the clubs and the Milan city council with regard to the volume of extras being built as part of the project such as hotels, shops and restaurants.

“The demand for the volumes is still high, but I hope that a good agreement can be found so that the project is successful.”