If you look up to the greatest players today like Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez who play for Inter, you’re not alone. There are millions of young football players of both genders that would like to go professional but have no idea where to start.

They may have joined their local teams but that might not be working out for them because of certain reasons. To help out with this problem here are 10 steps on how to become a good football player.

Have The Appropriate Passion

Some want to become football players just because of the flashy cars, money, and attention from people. It goes without saying that those passions are not what you should be playing football for. Rather it should be for the love of the game and everything else will sort itself out.

Condition Your Body

When playing football, you have to ensure that your body is up for it physically. Therefore, it is very important to physically train yourself endurance and speed exercises for you to last 90 minutes in the field. Getting yourself in shape and fit for the game will help make the matches you play more enjoyable and less like torture.

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Know All The Rules

“You can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules,” that is one of the most popular sayings of all time. It absolutely true, you cannot make a good player when unknowing of the specific rules of football. That makes it important to study and research more about football and know every rule and regulation.

Be Motivated

Nothing beats pure motivation and dedication; these two qualities are very important when playing football. There are times when you feel like it is better to quit and at those moments, all that is needed is pure motivation. Your motivation can be the reason why you started playing, remembering that will help remove all feelings of doubt.

Train Hard

Apart from physical training, you also should train hard to master the skills of playing football. Do not underestimate the power of practicing basic football drills using cones and other equipment. Give in your all when training every single day you are practicing.

Set Realistic Goals

Undoubtedly, you can set many different goals to succeed in playing football. Those goals can be relative to the gameplay or setting up a flourishing career out of football. Whatever the case may be, ticking things off your to-do list will motivate you to continue playing and become good at it.

Eat Right

Although many people overlook this critical step, it is one of the most effective because it contributed to the physical fitness of the player. For example, eating right will not cause problems when training and will also condition the body contributing to the overall fitness of the player.

Watch How The Professionals Do It

To be a good player, you must be teachable and there is one way to test yourself in this regard. Are you willing to sit in front of the television or laptop watching previous games of great teams like FC Inter Milan? There is a lot you can learn, from basic skills to the most advanced.


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Train On A Specific Position

You can’t be a jack of all trades but master of none on the football field, thus choose a position you play the best. Continually develop in that position and learn different skills by practicing and watching how the pros do it.

Challenge Yourself

Once you have practiced enough, it is time to challenge yourself. You can ask to play a real match against a very well-skilled team to test your abilities. If you play football at school, try to play with a team of an advanced age group than yours.

The Bottom Line

You can succeed in playing football by continually developing yourself in terms of physical fitness and knowledge about the game. Study the game and know everything there is about it, including the rules and regulations. Above that, do not give up, have the appropriate passion and determination to succeed, and do not do it just for the money. Rather play for the love of the game and everything else will sort itself out.

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Elizabeth Skinner is a blogger working for a premium pop-culture website as a staff writer. She also works as an academic assignment writer owing to her superior writing skills and her passion for contributing to student’s success. In her free time, she plays tennis, listens to hip hop and attends Zumba classes.