Pino Capua, a member of the Italian football federation (FIGC) medical commission and president of the anti-doping commission has made it clear that the 2019/20 Serie A season will not resume unless a safety protocol for things to safely resume is found.

“If we don’t find a solution, Serie A will not resume,” he made clear right at the beginning of an interview with Italian broadcaster Sport Mediaset earlier on today.

Capua then went on to discuss the model that German football has adopted ahead of the Bundesliga resuming at the end of this week and hit out at the Italian government’s technical and scientific committee for their recent actions.

“The German model is entirely applicable, I don’t understand why they won’t let us follow it in Italy too. The government’s technical and scientific committee has thrown a spanner in the works.”

He then went on to call for everyone to share the same objective in the shape of getting the season to resume and shared his belief that a solution can be found.”

“The objective for everyone should be to get football going again, and I believe if we sit down at a table and discuss it reasonable, we’ll find a solution.”

Capua went on to conclude by reiterating he is convinced the issue can be resolved but admits that until there is a vaccine there will be no amateur level football played.

“I am extremely convinced that with the presence of an association that includes all the medics who work in football, we can resolve this issue. As for the amateur players, we’d have to wait for the vaccine, because there is no zero risk until that happens.”