In an interview with Italian news outlet, legendary Inter attacker Ruben Soa has spoken on a range of Inter related topics and started by recalling the club’s 1994 UEFA Cup final success.

“I was only at Inter for three years but I seem to have lived 10 years because of the affection of the fans. We won the UEFA Cup, yes, but in the league it was very tough,” he began the interview.

“In the first leg we won 0-1 away, then luckily Zenga saved everything. Another very difficult game was the one against Borussia Dortmund.

“Inter, as I’ve always said, are the strongest team I ever played for. I had a lot of fun at Inter.”

He then spoke on his arrival at Inter from fellow Serie A side Lazio and revealed that then president Ernesto Pellegrini’s wife did not want him to join the club.

“The move to Inter was incredible. I went to Pellegrini’s house and his wife asked me for an autograph for their daughter. My agent later told me that the president no longer wanted me but in reality it was his wife.

“I contacted Pellegrini and told him that If I score 20 goals he accepts my demands, if I didn’t, I would accept his offer. He accepted and in the middle of the first year I had already scored 22 goals.”

Next he spoke more on Pellegrini and the man who replaced him at the helm of the club, Massimo Moratti.

“They were both great presiedents. Pellegrini was a friend, he has always remained close to me. Moratti was then the president of a large family. I had a great time with him and even when I was injured he helped me a lot. He gave everything for Inter and he would have given his life too.”

Sosa proceeded to speak on legendary Inter captain Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Bergomi and revealed a similarity between Bergomi and Moratti.

“At the beginning he never spoke but he was always a great captain, I was always inspired by him.

“I remember he used to get up and pray at three in the morning and I asked him why he did it and he said he did it for the team. I then told him to stop doing it and I’d take care of things and score two goals. He taught me a lot and he, like Moratti, would have given his lift for Inter.”

Sosa proceeded to speak on two compatriots of his who are currently at Inter, Diego Godin and Matias Vecino.

“Godin is a great man, a leader and a professional. He is aware that Inter are a great club and although he cannot play every game now that he is no longer a boy, he always does very well in complex games. You have to play him in the most difficult matches, he is a team player.

“As for Vecino, he is perhaps a little too serious, maybe he lacks a little bit of joy but that is probably because he cares so much about doing well and therefore puts pressure on himself.”

Sosa then went on to speak about the race for the Serie A title and shared his belief that both Inter and other former employers Lazio can stop Juventus.

“Lazio were doing very well up until the stop. Both they and Inter can stop Juventus and this is probably the right year to do so. They must try to beat the Bianconeri.”

He concluded by speaking on Inter and AC Milan’s new stadium project and stressed that San Siro must not be knocked down as part of it.

“The Meazza is the most beautiful stadium that I played in. Maybe it is a little too big by today’s standards but it has to stay, it should not be torn down.”