FC Inter Milan is very popular all around the world but this team’s following in their home country is exceedingly high. A survey conducted in Italy showed that FC Inter Milan is the second most followed team in the country.

The team has many accolades and prestigious wins that have led to its global fandom. There is a huge history behind this team that is quite interesting to know if you are a real fan. Here are the top 5 historical facts about FC Inter Milan.

The La Grande Inter Era

Inter Milan started off without great results but as years went by, the team’s luck started changing. A couple of decades after it was first formed, a new manager took command of Inter Milan and was determined to go big or go home for the team. The manager, Helenio Herrera, led the team to many victories during his term in FC Inter Milan.

He won three Scudetto’s and two European Cups for the team using his refined counterattacking strategy. Helenio Herrera had much influence on the team to the extent that his term serving as manager of Inter Milan was named the “Grande Inter” era.

Only Italian Team To Never Be Relegated From The Serie A

Football is a game of winning or losing. Every weekend, you see teams falling or climbing up the standings. In some cases, teams may lose games to the extent that they drop in the standings and go below the top 10.

It is something expected that at a certain point, a team will face that kind of loss but FC Inter Milan was very different throughout the years. Even if they lost some games and sometimes consecutively, they are the first and only team in Italy not to be relegated from the Serie A, Italy’s top flight.

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Conquering The FIFA Club World Cup

The FIFA Club World Cup is an opportunity for young players to be recognized at a global level. Therefore, qualifying teams across the world gather to compete with one another for the FIFA world cup accolade. In 2010, Inter Milan reached the finals of this tournament and had to face the African team, TP Mazembe.

FC Inter Milan won with a whopping 3-0 making them the FIFA Club World Cup Champions of the year 2010. The goal scorers that made all of this possible were Jonathan Biabiany, Goran Pandev and Samuel Eto’o with the last goal scored in the 85th minute.

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How The Club Was Founded

The team was formed back in 1908, which makes it more than 100 years old. FC Inter Milan, also known as La Beneamata (The Beloved) or Nerazzurri (Black and Blues), was formed when a group of players split from AC Milan split due to differences in opinions in letting non Italians be part of the team.

Some of the fans did not support that the team should allow non-Italian foreign players, so the ones that left started FC Internazionale Milano. The team’s former vice-president, Peppino Prisco used to joke and say that the club really came from humble beginnings and that is why it is so great now.

Overall Statistics Of FC Inter Milan

Inter Milan has won many different titles throughout the years, both domestic and international. The greatest win for the team was during the treble in 2010 when the Nerazzurri became the first Italian team to win the Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League in the same season.

They have won the European Cup/Champions League on three occasions, with the first two during the Grande Inter Era and the last one in 2010. FC Inter Milan has also won the UEFA Cup/Europa League three times throughout their history. Young players yearn to play for this team and to do so, you have to focus on training and learn the tactics relative to the position you want to take up.

The Bottom Line

FC Inter Milan is a very successful team that has a huge following all around the world because of the titles it has won. The team’s greatest win was conquering the treble as well as the 2010 FIFA Club World Cup. Another interesting historical fact is that Inter Milan has never played in the Serie B but has only contended in the Serie A, the only team in Italy to do so.

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