Italian minister for sport and youth policies Vincenzo Spadafora has admitted that if all goes to plan, he cannot see any reason as to why the 2019/20 Serie A season could resume on June 13, the date that was prospectively set by Lega Serie A in the past few days.

“The theme is that football training had to resume on Monday on the basis of a protocol that I did not choose, neither the Scientific Technical Committee, but one that was proposed by the Italian football federation, Lega Serie A and Lega Serie A president Dal Pino,” he explained in an interview with Italian television channel Rete 4 earlier on today.

He then went on to discuss the fact that there is currently difficulty being experienced by those who proposed the protocol when it comes to applying it as all clubs simply do not have the required facilities to carry it out.

“Today with surprise we read that Lega Serie A has difficulty applying a protocol that they have proposed themselves, especially with respect to the fact that the teams must go into self-isolation.

“This is something they proposed. Today they have realised that the teams do not have the appropriate structures to begin this self-isolation. This was proposed to them by themselves and if they are not able to apply it we take note of it and we will look at it with the Scientific Technical Committee.”

He then went on to reiterate that all team sports will be able to resume training as groups from this coming Monday and also spoke on the possible resumption of the season in the middle of next month.

“All team sports will restart on Monday, so for me it is that if the FIGC believes that there are no conditions to isolate the team, it is okay, do not self-isolate the team and adapt to the rules of the rest of the sports as long as they respect the minimum rules that all other sports will respect which are those of distancing.

“We give maximum availability to football. If all goes to plan then I cannot see why on June 13 the season cannot be resumed.”

He was then asked whether or not Italy could follow in the footsteps of either Germany or Spain.

“We will review things depending on the evolution we see in the next ten days. Let’s see how these days go. If there is not obstructions or difficulties created, we will see if we can proceed by imitating Germany.”