Former Inter president Massimo Moratti discussed many topics, including the Treble winning campaign, Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez in an interview in yesterday’s paper edition of the Turin based newspaper La Stampa.

First, he spoke about his emotions when he remembers the Treble.

“We all lived it together very intensely. There was competence, a sense of belonging and duty. And passion, an added value that made it a perfect concert.”

He moved onto talking about the Coppa Italia final that season.

“The first goal, in Rome it was a battle against the rival of those years, winning the Coppa Italia became fundamental to calibrate our ambition, we played it as if the Champions League was already up for grabs.”

Moratti then discussed the final game of the season, a 1-0 win against Siena.

“Happiness and great security. In Siena it’s not an easy game and it’s not even the first title in that series. But victory brings us a lot of serenity, which was crucial given what we were about to experience.”

The former Inter president touched on the Champions League final.

“I have great memories of Madrid. I can see the training at the centre of Real Madrid, great concentration but not too much tension, the one that eats you up inside. Mourinho has always been formidable in this. I understood that we were on the right track, oh god I understood that, but I was sure only after beating Bayern, the easiest match in the end.”

He commented on how Mourinho left the Nerazzurri straight after winning the competition.

“Look, it is Inter’s fate. We won the Scudetto in Parma with Mancini on the bench, I then got Mourinho. And at the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi, Benitez’s outburst made you realise that he wanted to leave. Let’s say we’ve always put our best foot forward.”

Moratti highlighted how he wasn’t impressed with Mourinho’s behaviour after that final.

“When I think about it now, he did something really terrible, but between us there was a lot of complicity, I knew everything but to intervene would have increased the tension. After all, before a 100-metre final, you don’t ask an athlete what kind of shoes he wears, you just ask him to win. Let’s say that he didn’t want to run the 200, but he could have waited until the next morning to say so.”

The former Nerazzurri president spoke about what advice he gave to Steven Zhang, the current president of the club.

“He’s a very sensitive person. When we talk, he always listens very carefully to advice. Well, it was the time of the transfer of ownership between him and Thohir and, unlike me, he wasn’t convinced of keeping Brozovic because of his character. I think not giving him up was a good deal. Often there was talk about Icardi and his qualities, but I’ll stop there.”

He was happy to see Antonio Conte on Inter’s bench.

“Great worker, he gives you guarantees.”

Moratti briefly commented on the words of Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini, who said that he hated Inter in a sporting sense.

“At least he specified what he meant. I’m more struck by what he said about his teammates.”

The former Inter president spoke about what year of his life he would delete and which he’d like to relive.

“If you delete one, you’re finished. Even in difficult times I’ve always been able to draw very useful values, so I wouldn’t throw anything away. Instead, I’d like to relive the years I worked with my father and brother. And the Champions League finals in Vienna and Madrid.”

He didn’t think that the current Serie A season should be completed.

“I’d end it here. It’s dangerous to continue, the balance is very thin. Sit down around a table, start thinking about next season and how to cushion the stop in this one. Trying to go on seems completely useless to me.”

Moratti touched on what would happen if he returned to Inter and who he would buy.

“I won’t allow myself to interfere. And Conte gives me confidence. Players? Those like Lautaro, who are good and can become very good. He amuses me, you always expect a surprise shot from him.”

He revealed that he could have signed Lionel Messi early on in the player’s career.

“I could have signed him when he was very young, but Barcelona was helping him to overcome his growth problems. I thought it was better for him to stay there.”

Finally, he spoke about how he feels about Inter’s plan to leave the San Siro.

“I spent most of my life in that stadium. It would be better not to say anything.”