Giuseppe Meazza – A Story Of Success

Giuseppe Meazza – A Story Of Success
May 18, 2020 15:50
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When we compare today’s football players with those from the 1930s, they look like machines. Today’s superstars have access to improved training conditions. They commit their entire lives to football. They have better energy levels, evolved technique, and more enduring physique.

But if you ask connoisseurs to name the greatest Italian football player and manager of all times, they will frequently mention a name we almost forgot: Giuseppe Meazza.

He is one of Inter’s most recognized players. He won three Serie A titles with this club, and two World Cups as the captain of Italy’s team.

Yes; today’s players have massively improved training conditions. However, Meazza still holds the third position among all-time highest scoring Italian players throughout all competitions.

What was his story?

Let’s remind ourselves of his greatness.

He Loved Football Since His Early Childhood

Meazza was born in Milan in 1910. That wasn’t an easy time to bring a child into the world. His father lost his life in the World War I, when Giuseppe was only seven years old. One of his childhood memories clearly conveys his passion for football. Before he was killed, his dad gifted him a rifle for his name day. Giuseppe threw a tantrum. He was hoping for a ball.

The kid had a harsh childhood. He had to help his mother to make money, so they sold fruit at the market together.

Can today’s students imagine such a life? They get into great schools and their only job is to study. They can join college football teams and earn a scholarship for their talent. What do they do when they encounter an obstacle? They visit essay writing service and hire someone to write their content. Yes; students always have their struggles. They don’t have it easy. But when we look at Meazza’s childhood, it looks like something that we’d see in a movie.

The hardest part was that his mother didn’t like his dream. She hid his shoes to prevent him from playing. This was the moment that showed Giuseppe’s determination to reach his dream. He found a solution: he wrapped cloth around his feet. He played. His feet would bleed, but he continued playing.

When his mother made him swear to never play football again, he showed his determination again: he undertook a hunger strike for three days.

Tough Conditions Lead To A Stronger Character

When a young child shows talent for football today, they are immediately accepted into a team’s youth side. They attend schools with qualified trainers. In the USA, they may become part of a college football team and get a substantial scholarship to support their studies and their talent.

Meazza didn’t have access to such conditions. His ball was made of rags. He used pieces of cloth instead of shoes. He played in the streets, and he recognized and developed his talent by himself.

AC Milan turned him down because he was underweight. A scout from Inter decided to give him a chance when he saw the young boy playing on the streets with his ball made of rags. He saw the spark, and the magnificent player was set for success.

Throughout his 348 games for Inter, Meazza scored 241 goals. That makes him one of the most effective players in history. He was known for many legendary scores, such as the one that led Italy to their first win over Austria. He went through several injuries that didn’t force him to give up. He returned stronger on the field after each of them.

This man had to fight for his dream. Nobody is saying that today’s players don’t have to do that. They work hard in a highly competitive environment. Many young players for undeveloped countries don’t have access to the same conditions as those from Italy, Germany, or France. It’s not easy for them to get noticed by scouts.

But this player teaches us something important: no matter what background you have, you can always achieve your goals if you work hard enough. Let’s say you hire a personal statement service in Great Britain for any position that you have in mind. If the personal statement shows that you faced obstacles and overcame them with great efforts, you’ll have an advantage over other candidates. We should never be overwhelmed by the problems we face. We should see them as motivating challenges instead.

Meazza Was A Complete Player

When we look through old recordings of Meazza’s play, it’s easy to understand that he had amazing skills on the ball. Although he wasn’t tall when compared to other players, he still had a great feel of the entire field. He was outstanding with both feet, and he was never a selfish player. He often stated that individualism was the worst thing that could happen to football. Today, we see a lot of it.

Meazza held huge responsibility carrying Inter and Italy’s team to successful achievements. He never broke under that pressure.

Today’s high achievers have a lot to learn from him.

BIO: Joshua Robinson gave up on his dream to play football when he realized he wasn’t talented and committed enough. That didn’t stop him from enjoying games as a viewer. Joshua admires Italian football and often writes about it.

By Editorial Staff

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