Italian Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora discussed the restart of Serie A on a livestream on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon.

“There is a difference in positions what route to take which exists as a result of a general complexity, I would invite everyone not to say that we are creating chaos, but rather to say that we are moving cautiously to prevent everything from restarting and then being forced to stop everything again. There is concern even among the players, many people write to me on the social media.”

Spadafora then commented on the criticism levied against him suggesting that a professional athlete should be in his position, not a politician.

“I’d invite everyone to be a little calmer, from the outside you’re all scientists, footballers, referees. They tell me ‘you’re not one who comes from the world of sport’, in order to be a sports minister you don’t need to have been an athlete, I don’t think Speranza has ever operated on someone or De Micheli has ever driven a train.

“You have to listen to who knows more than us, but then take responsibility. The world of football asks us to be the ones to take responsibility for the stop, they won’t decide on their own.”

The FIGC protocol has been heavily criticised, in part for its vagueness and lack of specific solution should a player test positive once the season has restarted.

Serie A teams have been instructed that they are allowed to return to squad training from tomorrow onward, but Inter aren’t planning to begin it yet, unhappy with the restrictive conditions imposed on the squad.

Lega Serie A have been keenly following the situation in German football, after the Bundesliga restarted this weekend. None of the Inter squad or staff have tested positive for Coronavirus, and so should be prepared to restart the league in mid-June, which seems to be the targeted restart period.