Italian government minister for sport and youth policies Vincenzo Spadafora has shared his hopes for the 2019/20 Serie A season to resume as soon as possible.

Last week the Lega Serie A set June 13 as a provisional date for the season, which has been on hold for over two months due to the Coronavirus crisis, to resume.

However, all Italian football federation (FIGC) led activity, including Serie A, has since been suspended up until June 14 meaning June 15 will be the earliest possible date for the campaign to get back underway.

“We all hope to return as soon as possible, but at the moment we still have no guarantees. If, as we hope, the number of new infections continues to fall then, it will be possible to confirm a date for the resumption of Serie A,” Spadafora remarked in an interview with Italian news agency ItalPress.

“We have however got to get there gradually and move both cautiously and with responsibility, as we have done up until now.”

He was then asked what would happen in the event that a player was to test positive for the Coronavirus once the season resumed, if it does.

“It could primarily compromise their health and that of people close to them, including that of the many workers linked to the team.

“It is therefore not just a sporting issue. I understand that in the event of a positive case among players, a further stop could have a decisive impact on the continuation of the matches.

“For this reason we are considering all the possible solutions validated by the doctors. The goal we must achieve is not only to restart the season, but to be able to end it. ”

Spadafora, who has held his position since 2018, then went on to discuss the financial aid that the Italian government are set to provide the sports industry.

“The world of sport has been seriously damaged by the health emergency. The big clubs have been damaged as well as the smaller teams and they need a hand to start again.

“Being aware of these difficulties, we have prepared the largest investment that the sports world has ever seen: €1 billion between ordinary and extraordinary resources.

“In preparing this plan, we have taken into account the advice and reports that have come to us and we will not hesitate to intervene again where necessary.”