Milan city mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has revealed that he likes the new look stadium project that Inter and AC Milan put forward in recent weeks.

In the past few weeks the clubs shared revised plans for their new shared state of the art stadium with the new plans a lot more in line with the requests of the Milan city council, who were unhappy with the initial projects presented, mainly because the club’s current stadium, the historic San Siro, was going to be entirely demolished.

However, parts of San Siro, which has been around for close to 100 years now, will remain as part of the two newly presented projects put together by The Populous Group and Manica/Cmr Sportium.

“Now I like their project more,” Sala remarked in an interview with Italian radio station Radio Rai 2 earlier on today.

“I don’t mind the idea that they presented. I wasn’t so keen at the beginning, but this project leaves a lot to see and San Siro remains in some way, open to many sports with a project that is also free for the citizens.

“However, the stadium is an issue that will prove divisive because we’re all coaches and therefore we’ll be split on such a matter.

“It’s difficult to speak right now on behalf of the council because it has to go from there, how it’ll be considered.

“I like the project more now, but we haven’t reached a synthesis yet because the topic of discussion is currently volumetric rights.

“It’s clear the two teams aren’t building the stadium just for the structure itself, otherwise they wouldn’t receive a return on their investment and they’d have to do something else.”

He also shared his views on whether he thinks the currently on hold 2019/20 Serie A season should resume.

“I am in favour of it resuming. Let’s see how the contagion will evolve and how much we will be able to keep it under control.”