Former Inter left back Caner Erkin discussed what happened during his time at Inter and why he left so suddenly in an interview with Italian media outlet FcInterNews earlier today.

First, he discussed how he felt when he was signed by Inter and why he chose the Nerazzurri compared to other clubs.

“I thought I was taking a big step by going to Inter. My goal was to play regularly, win trophies and enjoy the admiration of the Inter fans.

“Even when Mancini left, I didn’t want to leave Inter. But Frank de Boer’s attitude towards me was not at all pleasant. He left me out as if I was a player fresh out of the youth team. And that was not acceptable.”

The 31-year-old Turk discussed what he spoke about with Roberto Mancini and how important he was in the player’s decision to join the club.

“He wanted me as a left winger. That’s why he gave me a chance to play in all the pre-season games. He put a lot of faith in me, I was very sad when he left. In football anything can happen. But the treatment I received from De Boer was totally disrespectful and very rude.”

He spoke about how he felt during the weeks he spent with the Milanese club in the pre-season training camp.

“I was very proud to be part of that team. We were very appreciated wherever we went, even the training camp was particularly special. Frankly, I was really happy.”

The Besiktas left back touched on former Inter coach Frank De Boer.

“I’ve never understood why De Boer showed such an attitude towards me. I’ve never been in his plans since the day he set foot in Italy. He left me out in the last game of the pre-season and, after he did, in the drills of the following training sessions.

“I had to train individually, separate from the team, with a personal coach. Basically, he was using a manipulative tactic to make me feel unloved. His attitude totally changed my football career. I can’t find any explanation for it.”

Erkin commented on how many in the club felt that De Boer wouldn’t last too long in the job due to his attitude.

“Of course, everyone knew what kind of person De Boer was. That’s why I still can’t understand how he signed for a club like Inter. At any event anyone could realize that his attitude didn’t fit the Nerazzurri. After what he did to me, I couldn’t have a good opinion of him. And obviously I never will.”

He agreed with the sentiment of Jonathan Biabiany, who said that De Boer was the worst coach in Inter history.

“I absolutely agree with him, he’s right.”

Finally, Erkin discussed his regrets at never playing for Inter and how he wishes it had been different.

“What I went through at Inter has turned into a bad personal experience. Who knows, I could still play there one day. It’s a shame because I really had huge dreams and because of a coach who stayed only 2 and a half months, these dreams were shattered.

“There’s nothing you can do. It’s not the end of the world. I want my career to continue at the highest level and I send to all the supporters of Inter love and respect.”