Inter manager Gabriele “Lele” Oriali has decided to temporarily step away from his duties with the Italian national team in order to focus on his work with the Nerazzurri, according to a report from today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

The report details how Oriali returned to Inter in the summer, to work with the club as a manager, whilst also working with the Azzurri. He has decided to temporarily resign from the Italian national team, instead looking to focus on the Nerazzurri for the next few months.

Oriali decided to work with the Italian national team for Euro 2020 and the upcoming World Cup in 2024, the report continues, but decided to step back from the role after the announcement that Euro 2020 would be postponed to next summer.

He was convinced to work for the Azzurri by Roberto Mancini and Gabriele Gravina but wants to focus on coach Antonio Conte’s project for now.