Joining a club is a fantastic way to start enjoying your favorite game. Imagine being a member of FC Inter Milan at a young age.

You will not only get super experience from a world’s legendary club but get associated with best goal scorers such as Giuseppe Meazza. What else could footballers long for rather than being part of a decorated club? There are many benefits packed with playing football, as highlighted below.

Health Benefits

Like any other sports, youngsters who play football get health benefits. As the game is physically demanding, it provides a chance for players to improve on their strength, agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination, among other cardiovascular endurance. There are also reduced chances of obesity as the game keeps the children physically fit.

Teamwork & Friendship

Teamwork is better instilled in the youngster as it is valuable life skills. The power of collaboration was evident in 2010 when Inter Milan achieved the best example of this when winning the Treble. The same spirit will be implanted in the young footballers as they seek to be the best in the game.

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Instills Work Ethic

Excellent work ethic has helped the FC inter Milan to win many titles, including 3 UEFA Cup, 3 Champions Leagues, 18 Series A, and 7 Coppa Italia. As the youngsters look up to great players such as Javier Zanetti and Ivan Cordoba, they keep up the commitment to practice. The work ethic is thus developed that lasts in their lifetime.

Physical Toughness

Football involves intense training programs that make players physically resilient. The game presents a high risk compared to other sports, and getting bruises and bumps is inevitable.

The players learn to get through the pain and to come back stronger after injuries. Eventually, it shapes the youngsters always to give their best regardless of the challenges.

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Mental Toughness

Apart from the physical toughness, players need mental strength to be successful. The ability to withstand lost matches and battling minor to severe injuries to come out stronger enhance mental toughness. Youngsters become mentally tough that enable them to face life challenges in the future.


Success in the field requires a high level of discipline from each player. Any small error can affect the performance of the team as football is a sport of inches.

Be it a single mental mistake, one drop pass, or wrong step, the play can be affected negatively. Through practice, the youngsters learn the importance of a high level of discipline.


The high number of teammates in football makes the youngsters bond with many like-minded youths. The friendship developed is priceless as the players work towards achieving a common goal. They learn how friends form an essential aspect of life as a football match cannot be won singlehandedly.


Many youngsters identify their favorite sport early in their life. They may want to pursue the same as a career, and football provides the valuable skills applicable in other games. The football player can adapt quickly due to skills such as vison, agility, and hand-eye coordination that make it easy to transition to other sports.

Respect For Others

There is no two way about respect when playing football. Youngsters learn to respect the instructions from referees, coaches, and any other authority.

Even in stressful times, the players are required to think as there are well laid down consequences for any misbehavior. To avoid such, the players learn to follow the directions given.

Boosts Confidence & Self-esteem

The mental endurance and physical strength achieved through football boost the confidence of the youngsters in and out of the field.

Self-esteem and determination lead to better performance in sports, school, friendship, family life, and career. Winning a match makes every player happy that leads to the release of endorphins that relieves stress and anxiety.


If you have been coining on whether to start playing football or joining a club, then now is the right time. The benefits, as highlighted above, are not only applicable in the field but outside as well. The skills gained make youngsters develop holistically and be part of the most popular game in the world. Besides, it does cost much, and one can play anytime as long there is a field and a ball.

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