Clubs across Europe, including Inter, are likely to experience a reduced turnover next season as a consequence of the Coroanvirus crisis according to a report in today’s print edition of Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

With games possibly being played behind closed doors or in front of hugely reduced crowds, at least in the beginning, clubs across the continent will miss out on all important match day revenue and there will also be a drastic drop in television rights income too.

No one club will be exempt the report warns and it goes on to reveal what some clubs turnover’s could look like compared to this season.

Inter’s turnover could be almost halved from €460 million down with them at risk of losing €215 million, Juventus’ could also lose the same amount as well.

Roma’s turnover could be reduced from €231 million by €90 million whilst Napoli’s could be reduced from €207 million by €70 million.

Barcelona could perhaps be worst impacted with the report suggesting their turnover could drop by some €450 million.