Cagliari President Tommaso Giulini discussed the restart of the season, the uncertain situation regarding contract expiring dates and Inter owned midfielder Radja Nainggolan in an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky Sports Italia earlier today.

“It’s a peculiar situation, we expected this Centenary to be different, but it must be a starting point for football and the country after the pandemic. We’re happy to be able to celebrate the Centenary with the resumption of the league, it’s a message of hope for everyone.”

He highlighted how squads may be forced to go into quarantine should a single player test positive for the virus, which could cause a problem when trying to finish out the season.

“Still, there is the matter of the quarantine that clubs must undergo should a player test positive, it’s clear that if this were to happen after the 20th June it wouldn’t be possible to finish the season.”

Giulini touched on how there needs to be guidance regarding contracts and their expiry dates, as it’s unclear if players on loan can finish the season with their club.

“We cannot restart with this uncertainty when it has not been imposed in the other countries. I hope there will be news between now and the 20th, just as I hope there will also be news about the management of loans and players’ contracts, it’s still not clear how we should behave when 30th June passes. These are all issues that it would be good to clarify as soon as possible for the good of football and the fans, increasing the enthusiasm for this restart.”

The Cagliari president spoke about the future of Nainggolan, who has impressed this season whilst on loan with the Sardinian club.

“I won’t deny that I’d like to see Radja in our shirt again. This is a slightly spoiled season, when we took him the idea was to take Radja for a real season not for a strange one like this. Then it’s clear that the player is not ours and that we obviously depend on what Inter’s decisions will be.”

Giulini discussed other players in the squad that could be transferred in the upcoming summer transfer window and his plans.

“I think it’s right not to close any possibilities for anyone. It’s clear that in this squad there are guys that I see as future captains and that I’d like to keep. Alessio Cragno is one of them, but so is Joao Pedro as well as Luca Ceppitelli. But players who are in the middle of their careers like Alessio could get offers. And if they reveal for some personal ambition to have to change their home, it’s right, for what they’ve given me and Cagliari in these six years, to start negotiations.”

Finally, Giulini spoke about how difficult it would be to lose important players in the summer and what he wants to happen until the end of the season.

“The market will be different, it’s difficult for important players to leave the club in this transfer window, I don’t expect consistent offers. But you never know. The only thing I hope is that there are no market rumours before the end of this season.”