Ex-Inter Defender Francesco Colonnese: “Since January Inter Have Collapsed”

Former Inter defender Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Colonnese has reflected on Inter’s recent downturn in form which has seen them slip to fourth place in the Serie A table.

“After the first few months we said that Conte did a spectacular job. We should wait until the end of the year, there is still the Europa League to win,” he explained in an interview with Italian radio station TMW Radio on Friday afternoon.

“Inter had not started out to win the Serie A title. Since January they have collapsed, it is necessary not to talk and work then at the end of the year the evaluations will be made. Something broke, there is no clarity.”

He then went on to insist that all the controversy that has been created does more harm than it does good and will not help solve anything.

“The controversy worsens the situation and it serves no purpose. If you continue like this, everything will fall apart.”

He was then asked about reports which have surfaced in the media which have suggested that Antonio Conte may not be in charge at Inter next season.

“Inter had an important transfer market this year and I do not know if they will manage to do it next year too. I do not know how it will go. I would like certain comments to be the offspring of the fact that Inter don’t want to spend a lot of money.”

“Inter’s transfer market was an important one, I’m not sure if they can repeat it the following season. I don’t know how it will go. I don’t want certain utterances to be born from the the fact that Inter don’t want to spend a lot of money.”

Colonnese joined Inter in the January transfer window of the 1997/98 season from fellow Serie A side Napoli and spent the next two and a half years with the club before departing for Lazio.

During his stint with the Nerazzurri, the former Siena defender made 80 appearances across all competitions, in which he scored two goals. He also won the 1997/98 UEFA Cup with Inter.

Cammy Anderson: Cammy Anderson Chief News Editor
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