Getafe Striker Jaime Mata: “Inter Are One Of The Best Teams In The World & Are Favorites”

Getafe Striker Jaime Mata: “Inter Are One Of The Best Teams In The World & Are Favorites”
August 5, 2020 09:30
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Getafe striker Jaime Mata has admitted that he and his teammates head into tomorrow night’s Europa League clash against Inter far from favourites to make it into the next round.

“We have so much enthusiasm. We have a great desire to play a match like this against the Nerazzurri who are one of the best teams in the world. We are fortunate to be able to play in such games,” he explained in an interview with Italian news outlet

He was then asked how much of an impact the fact they have not played in so long unlike Inter who just played this past weekend.

“We played a lot of games and needed rest to face this competition. However, Inter have been able t rotate, thanks to the large Nerazzurri squad, and therefore they will be ready to challenge us.”

Mata was then asked about Getafe’s president saying they can win the Europa League if they manage to overcome the Nerazzurri.

“Without a doubt I think it’s the most complex game to face. We are facing one of the best teams in the world, in a one off match. It will be very difficult for us.

“Of course, if we manage to get through, we could have the necessary push to face the following rounds but our goal now is to focus on playing Inter.”

Next he was asked whether he would have preferred for the game to be played over two legs rather than just the one leg.

“We would have liked to come to Milan and play at San Siro in front of the Nerazzurri fans. The same goes for welcoming Inter to Getafe.

“In a one off game you have to be even more careful, because any goal immediately penalises you a lot, there is no time to recover. We will have to have the right mentality, it will be different from that of a double header.”

Mata was then quizzed on teammate David Soria’s claims that it is the game of the team’s lives.

“It is the most important game of our career. We don’t have much European experience. I understand why he uttered these words. For us it is a very important match, to be faced with enthusiasm.”

The 31-year-old was then asked about his Inter counterparts in the attack and what he makes of the Inter defenders who he will come up against.

“Inter have strikers who could be reference points for all sides in European football. Lukaku is a player who plays and works for the team, he is a striker that grows every day.

“We have studied the defenders. In Italian football, defence is historically a strong point. Inter are very strong and powerful, especially in the air. It won’t be easy to create problems for them, but we will try.”

He was then asked his sides chances of progression and he admitted he is well aware it will not be easy to win but they want to make it as difficult for Inter as they can.

“We’ll try our best. We want it to be a hard-fought elimination. Inter are favourites by a high percentage but thanks to our humility and our work and the desire to do well, we will try to reverse the fate of the match.

“We have seen Inter use different systems with and without Eriksen but a team like Inter, with such a large squad, really has several variations and solutions for matches.

In conclusion he was asked if there is a belief that he and teammates can beat Inter.

“Totally. It is indisputable. We go to Germany with the intention getting into the next round and not with the idea of ​​going home after a game. With all respect to Inter, we want to make the most of our qualities and make the quarterfinals.”

By Cammy Anderson