Severance pay will be a real issue if Inter and manager Antonio Conte decide to go their separate ways according to a report in yesterday’s print edition of Italian daily newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

Conte is still under contract with Inter for a further two seasons and is due to be paid a total of €24 million net. It is difficult to imagine that the former Italian national team boss will pass up on all of the money.

Inter fear that it could turn into a drawn out war of nerves something they would rather avoid seeing as the coming season is just around the corner, transfer market business needs to be conducted and a new coach would need to be appointed and put in the best conditions to do well as soon as possible.

The report from the Rome based news outlet goes on to explain that the idea is that the affair cannot be carried on to next Friday and Inter hope to avoid having to pay a total of €55 million to cover Conte and his staffs salaries in the event they part ways.

Inter president Steven Zhang are due to meet tomorrow and it will be the first time there has been any contact since Friday’s Europa League final loss to Sevilla. Inter are heading into the meeting with the firm intention of not having to proceed with parting ways with Conte.