Tommaso Berni: “Inter Will Raise Important Trophies Soon, Few People Will Beat My Peculiar Record”

Tommaso Berni: “Inter Will Raise Important Trophies Soon, Few People Will Beat My Peculiar Record”
September 7, 2020 11:30
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Former Inter goalkeeper Tommaso Berni discussed his time with the Milanese club, his future, and his departure from the Nerazzurri in an interview with Italian media outlet yesterday.

“Not renewing the contract with Inter was clear. We knew Radu would come back and I had already talked about it with the club. I lived a dream, never as a child would I have imagined it. I shared the locker room with great champions and I will never stop thanking Zhang, Marotta and Ausilio.”

The 37-year-old Italian touched on his next steps and how he expects to remain a third-choice goalkeeper due to his limited playing time in recent years.

“I know it won’t be easy to find a team, but I don’t have the presumption to suddenly become the hero. I know what my role has been in recent years and I believe it will remain that. An ego is an ugly beast. There is a higher goal, which is that the team wins. Then there is the passion, for the role and in helping mates in trouble. I arrived at the camp with a smile. Inter was a dream for me and I was trying to convey this joy.”

He commented on how he desires to play and his hard work ethic in training.

“I have always had the desire to play. Every Tuesday I arrived at the field with the goal of training to the maximum so I could play on Sunday. Even when I was 10 years old, I was the last one to leave because of my mother’s desperation.”

Berni then discussed the unusual record that he set whilst with the Nerazzurri this season. The player received two red cards this season, without playing in the last six years.

“Maybe my other temperament came out a little too strong. A ‘peculiar ’ record that few people will be able to beat. When you play, you stay focused and don’t notice anything. From the outside, instead, you see everything. You get adrenaline pumping but you can’t unload it and when you find the referee there. The first time I made a mistake and apologized to the whole trio. The second time, however, was excessive. I did nothing offensive, but with the empty stadium you could hear everything. I said only a swear word.”

The 37-year-old discussed his memories of watching Inter stars like Ronaldo and Christian Vieri in training.

“I did auditions after auditions and Inter arrived. What an emotion, after training I fought the cold and I started watching Ronaldo, Vieri and Recoba from behind the billboards. I risked coming home with a fever, but I didn’t care.”

The former Nerazzurri shot stopper commented on how his move to Milan came about in 2014 from Torino.

“In 2014 I was at Torino, where I had never been given a chance. I asked my agent if I could go play elsewhere. One day he called me and told me about Inter. ‘Come on, don’t make fun of me, find me something. It’s okay in Serie B’, I answered him. Ok, he says. He probably didn’t believe it either. Then he called me again and told me they really wanted me.”

Finally, Berni spoke about his memories of his time with Inter and what it means to him, as well as his sadness to leave the club.

“Did I teach Handanovic some tricks? Let’s not joke, Samir saves everything. I always pretended a little bit! I am sad to leave Inter, also because I am convinced that they will soon raise important trophies. I will miss the San Siro bench. And you will miss me. There will no longer be a madman who rejoices at every goal or who gets himself thrown out.”

By Apollo Heyes


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