Alessandro Costacurta: “Inter’s Antonio Conte Is 1 Of Top 5 Coaches In Europe”

Alessandro Costacurta: “Inter’s Antonio Conte Is 1 Of Top 5 Coaches In Europe”
September 19, 2020 00:30
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Former AC Milan player Alessandro Costacurta has shared his belief that there is no contest to be had in a comparison between Inter manager Antonio Conte and newly appointed Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo.

Conte is heading into his second year as Inter manager whilst Pirlo is starting his first year as Juventus manager and first year as a manager as a whole.

For the first year in many years there is a feeling that there will be a proper title fight between the two great rivals, who were separated by just a point last season with Juventus just edging Inter.

“The challenge on the bench between Conte and Pirlo? In a sense there is no match,” Costacurta explained in an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, which was aired yesterday afternoon.

“We are talking about Conte, who is one of the top five coaches in Europe and Pirlo, a special guy who is talented and special.”

Costacurta, who spent all barring one year of his 21-year playing career as an AC Milan player, further sang the praises of former Italian national team boss Conte and hammered home his belief by adding: “We know how much Pirlo could be a surprise but Conte no longer surprises us and we know how much he can improve over time.

“I think there won’t be a challenge on the bench, Conte now has a year behind him at Inter and then Juve will live on enthusisam and a great character.”

Costacurta also briefly commented on Sandro Tonali, who was close to Inter but joined AC Milan in the end: “I believe that Tonali is truly one of the most interesting prospects in Europe.”


By Cammy Anderson


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