The Rivalry Between Inter Milan & AC Milan

The Rivalry Between Inter Milan & AC Milan
September 21, 2020 10:30
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In Italy, most tourists show an interest in Rome for the ancient Colosseum and numerous other attractions, but football fans go to Milan. The San Siro is where both Inter Milan and AC Milan call home, and it has seen football players rise and fall, and become legends of the sport.

The Milan Derby

The Derby di Milano, or The Milan Derby, is one of the most anticipated matches of the football season every year, between AC Milan and Inter Milan. The impact of the match is not limited to the game; it has an economic, social, and political impact in Italy, as well.

The two clubs have many commonalities, which makes the contest interesting and unpredictable. While both Milan clubs have lost key players and dropped in ranking, the number of followers for the Milan Derby has remained as consistent as the SA Gaming slot payouts. The match still draws millions of watchers on television and thousands in the stands.

In 2005, fans witnessed one of the greatest matches between the two rivals. The atmosphere of the stadium was electric, and the fans could not wait for the battle of the season. AC Milan’s keeper, Dida, was injured due to an object being thrown at him by one of the crowd, and it was also the year that AC Milan swept the series, winning all three matches against Inter.

During the derby, the two teams boasted numerous stars, now considered legends of football, including Maldini, Kaka, Materazzi, and Pirlo.

History Of The Rivalry

The rivalry between the clubs started in 1899, the year in which AC Milan was founded. The nationalist mindset meant that no foreign talent could join the club, which quickly stirred up a difference of opinions among the staff and the players.

The drama led the club to the formation of two separate entities: AC and Inter Milan. Inter Milan was always considered the elite football club, while AC Milan was a “commoners” club. Inter had stronger financial support, whereas AC had the support of the people in droves.

Today, both teams are equal in financial and social support because times have changed.

AC Milan dominated the league and all Europe in the 1990s, but when Juventus were relegated in the 2004-05 season, AC was penalized. It left them unable to catch up with their rival and reeling from the blow.

Inter was able to shine and rise towards glory as they won the title while remaining unbeaten for 19 games consecutively. In the 2009-10 session, Inter went on to win a title and make their position solid among other big clubs of the world.

Like most clubs, Inter and AC have had good and bad years, but one thing they have in common is the legend status bestowed upon so many of the players in these teams. The rivalry between the two clubs continues, but Milan fans have plenty to cheer about since they host two of the biggest teams in Serie A of the Italian league.

As a resident of Milan, it is an unwritten rule that you have to like one of the two clubs. We’ll let you decide.

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