The History Of The Rivalry Between Inter Milan & Juventus

The History Of The Rivalry Between Inter Milan & Juventus
September 22, 2020 10:30
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The rivalry between Inter and Juventus is also known as derby d’Italia and started over half a century ago. Although no one knows the exact reason for the animosity, most argue that it began after the shocking 9-1 Juventus win in the memorable 1960/61 season. A famous Italian sports journalist dubbed this fixture as one of the fiercest soccer matches in the history of the game.

When The Trouble Started

In April 1961, second-place Inter went up against first-place Juventus. Inter’s morale was high, coming off a win in the Milan leg earlier in the season. The team hoped to recreate the momentum and close in on the four-point gap with Juventus.

The hype around the game was huge—the number of fans that came out to watch the game didn’t fit into the stadium. Five thousand fans spilt out from the stands and watched the match from the sidelines, but despite the overwhelming crowds, the match started on time.

Thirty minutes after the start of the play, however, the referee stopped the match when Juventus fans stormed the pitch. As fair play, a 2-0 win was awarded to Inter (like the win was awarded to Juventus in a similar situation a few seasons before that incident). Juventus was unhappy with the decision, objecting to it while the odds were not in their favour.

Due to the appeal, the Italian football governing body decided not to accept the 2-0 Inter win and ruled for a rematch. For Inter Milan and its fans, the ruling was like a win for Juventus, and tensions soared.

The head of the Italian football governing body was also the president of Juventus FC, so no one could argue the obvious conflict of interest.

The president of Inter later decided that the club would accept the rematch against Juventus and plans were made as the competition exploded. The outcome of the rematch was a 9-1 defeat for Inter, and a rivalry was born that has not dissipated over the decades.

The Rivalry Lives On

Since that legendary game, many more clashes have passed between the two. Each one held its own dramatic twists and turns that will be remembered by every Inter and Juventus fan.

One specific game that sparked the interest of most fans occurred in 1998 when Ronaldo was denied an obvious penalty shortly before Juventus was granted an undeserved return at the other end of the pitch. Eight years later, the world discovered the details of the Calciopoli scandal, which resulted in Juventus being stripped of two titles and demoted to Serie B.

It’s not that different to the banter you enjoy while playing poker with your friends on GClub, but it keeps the conversation flowing. The rivalry remains so intense that it is a defining factor for the fan bases of both teams. Most football fans consider it to be one of the best rivalries on the world stage, compared to the likes of the legendary rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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