Join Inter Milan In The Gaming World With Their Authentic Titles

Join Inter Milan In The Gaming World With Their Authentic Titles
September 25, 2020 16:33
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Earlier this year, Inter Milan joined so many of the other European elite in diving into the international competitive gaming scene of eSports.

Seeing as the burgeoning scene is already worth over $1 billion globally, Inter decided to get in on the action relatively early.

The Nerazzurri has revealed that the team name shall be Inter | QLASH, which already boasts a top-class player in Diego ‘Crazy_Fat_Famer’ Campagnani and a promising Italian prospect, Luigi ‘Kirito_Yuuki_00’ Loffredo.
Of course, football and gaming have gone hand-in-hand for years.

With the sport being the most popular in the world, developers have always sought new ways to appeal to players. One way, which has proven to be the most popular, is to include the imagery and players of real-life teams.

As one of the biggest teams in the world, you can bet that there are plenty of games featuring the logo, the iconic black-and-blue stripes, and the club’s players of the past and present. These are the very best games that boast the Inter Milan experience.

The Most Authentic & User-Friendly Console & Mobile Game

For years, Pro Evolution Soccer has been hailed as the most authentic football console game on the market, with the only aspect holding it back being the licensing.

Now known as eFootball PES 2021, not only is the game filled with top-class licenses for clubs and leagues, including Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich, but the community has created a way to fill the gap. Through the simple process of using a PES 2021 Option File, players can get all of the kits and logos from around the world in the game.

Better still, instead of following the process of FIFA, a game which adds light updates and charges full-price each year, PES 2021 is a reduced-cost season update.

The developers, Konami, have said that they’re looking to revamp the game for next-gen consoles, so this year’s release is a series of updates for the year at less than half the price of the newest FIFA. For mobile players, eFootball PES and PES Club Manager rank among the very best on the app store.

Legends Of The Past & Present For Online & Mobile Gamers

Top Trumps is a famous card gaming brand, with its simple gameplay owing to so many themes. Now, the classic game has integrated itself online by leaping onto the reels of Playtech’s slot games.

At the tenth highest-rated casino online platform, you can find all four of the Top Trumps football games. If you’re after the ones boasting Inter Milan’s former and present players, you’ll want to home-in on Top Trumps Football Stars Sporting Legends and Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014.

He may have only played 22 games for the Nerazzurri in the early stages of his career, but the fans still remember that Inter forged Andrea Pirlo. Now a national legend, he’s one of the most instantly-recognisable players in World Football Stars 2014.

In Football Stars Sporting Legends, you can play among more modern Inter stars, including recent permanent signing Alexis Sánchez, and the new arrival Arturo Vidal.

Whether you play your games on consoles, computers, or mobiles, there’s a top-class title oozing with authentic Inter Milan action for you to play.

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