Inter manager Antonio Conte has revealed that he is enjoying watching his team play at the moment after watching them put five past newly promoted Benevento in a 5-2 away win which enabled Inter to continue their perfect start to the 2020/21 Serie A campaign.

“I enjoy watching the team, in the most positive sense of the term. We are moving forward with last year’s project, increasing the quality in the attack.

“We are however aware that we need to find more balance, we have to work on that,” he explained in an interview with Inter’s official club broadcaster Inter TV following the match earlier on this evening.

“In any case, the big teams attack, think of Manchester City and Bayern Munich. Often when you attack you expose yourself to potential dangers and sometimes you pay for it, as we did in some cases against Fiorentina and Benevento. In any case, I congratulate the boys, seven players were changed but the basic idea has not changed.”

Conte was then told that it is the first time since the 1961/62 season that Inter have scored nine goals in their first two league games and he responded: “Beyond the first two days of the season, which cannot give a precise picture of the situation.

“I think this is a team that plays to score goals and score more than their opponents. In some cases, certain aspects of equilibrium must be put in place.”

Next the former Italian national team manager was asked what are the biggest potential pitfalls in Inter’s next fixture which comes away to Lazio this coming weekend with the match to be played at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday afternoon.

“It is inevitable that from tomorrow we will start thinking about the match against the Biancocelesti. It will be a tough match, let’s not forget last year’s defeat at the Olimpico, it was a strange match.

“However, we will try to impose our game in order to get a good result.”

He was then asked about the differing approach that was adopted for this match compared to the one for this past weekend’s match at home to Fiorentina.

“A downhill match cannot be played only after a minute. You can score immediately, this is an advantage, but the approach to the match was fierce.

“Benevento had already proved their worth, winning the debut against Sampdoria made them even more fearful. It was important to put the match on the right tracks, the Campania team is a respectable team and should not be underestimated. We were good.”