Italian Journalist Damascelli: “Inter CEO Beppe Marotta’s Complaints Are Not Worthy Of A Great Executive Like Him”

Italian Journalist Damascelli: “Inter CEO Beppe Marotta’s Complaints Are Not Worthy Of A Great Executive Like Him”
November 1, 2020 20:30
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Italian journalist Tony Damascelli discussed Inter’s painful 2-2 draw against Parma and the decision not to award Ivan Perisic a penalty after he was fouled in the penalty area in an editorial in today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Il Giornale.

“In the absence of Lukaku, Inter are not present. They played confused like the choices of a coach who belongs to the club of those who consider themselves more important than the players.”

He touched on how the Milanese club looked sluggish in the game, despite mostly dominating the Gialloblu.

“They were a minestrone without taste, the depth of the Belgian was missing, alongside his power and physical arrogance.

“The others disappointed up front, Perisic at least scored but Lautaro Martinez could become a problem, the Argentine is a bull with too many markers on him and he plays in a lopsided and nervous way, behind him a lot of chaos and the usual defensive distractions that allowed Gervinho’s two goals.”

The Italian journalist commented on how Inter’s upcoming Champions League opponents, Real Madrid, are working to regain form whilst the Nerazzurri are slipping.

“At the same time, Real Madrid, the next opponent in the Champions League, scored four goals to reaffirm their leadership in La Liga.

“Inter stopped at four draws out of eight games so far this season, a sign of fog inside a team that always plays with excessive heat, holds the ball, shoots double if not triple the amount of times the opponent does but without the necessary mechanisms that would be useful in the defensive phase.”

Damascelli spoke about Inter’s upcoming matches against Real Madrid and Atalanta, as well as the looming international break.

“The point against Parma does not deliver serenity considering the next two away games, Tuesday in Madrid and Sunday in Bergamo, before the international break that will take away players to national teams everywhere in Europe and the world.

“Marotta protested this, the clubs are against releasing their players in an emergency situation, between the schedule and Covid, but it is the bill that you pay when you invest in international figures and then you consider keeping them prisoners in Italy.”

He touched on the many doubts surrounding the Nerazzurri at the moment.

“Doubts remain about Inter’s potential and the results on the pitch, doubts remain about the coach’s choices and his new complaints, doubts remain about a game that depends on Lukaku, whilst having no other intelligent solutions.”

He also commented on the decision by the referee and the VAR team not to award the Nerazzurri a penalty when Ivan Perisic was fouled in the penalty area in the second half of Inter’s draw against Parma yesterday.

“On the obvious penalty not granted in favor of Inter I reiterate that VAR is one of the great fake things of so-called modern football, it is intoxicating the game, the spirit of the sport, it affects all teams, all leagues.

“But IFAB, FIFA, UEFA have chosen to manage the power and not the justice of football.”

Finally, Damascelli spoke about the complaints of Inter CEO Beppe Marotta in the interviews after yesterday’s match.

“Marotta’s words about refereeing, in the post-match interviews, are a consequence of the coach’s requests. It is not like a great club, it is not like a great executive like Beppe Marotta.”

By Apollo Heyes


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